DNA Analysis

Expert, independent review of DNA evidence

With over 25 years’ experience, our expertise in DNA testing and profiling is second to none in New Zealand. So when an independent review of DNA evidence is required, our scientists are available to provide an expert, impartial opinion.

Why might DNA analysis be required?

Genetic testing is a complex area, and DNA evidence may not always be one hundred per cent reliable. Our genetic scientists can provide an independent review of the evidence, and explain exactly what conclusions can, and cannot, be drawn from it.

Expert witness for the defence or prosecution

DNA Diagnostics scientists have appeared in court as expert witnesses for both the defence and the prosecution. So when you need expert, independent analysis of DNA evidence, DNA Diagnostics will be happy to provide it.

Cost of DNA analysis:

$172.50 including GST per hour consultancy fee

Contact us to enquire about consultancy services.

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